Understanding Home Insurance

Be proactive, not reactive.

Take control of your policy

- Learn where to locate your coverage.

- Know when to file a claim and when not too.

- Tips for saving money!

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I assume if you’re here it is because you think you pay too much for insurance. Or maybe it’s because you’re not sure if you have the right coverage. Fear not! Understanding home insurance is right around the corner. I have a library of explanations of claim scenarios to help ease the mind. The next time you are thinking:

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, I have the answers!


Your policy should be reviewed every year! You may be over or under covered! There are plenty of discounts you may be missing out on as well.


New discounts become available quite frequently. Companies don’t always include them in your renewal though. Learn how to make sure you are getting every discount available!


Why settle just because you may think you have the lowest rate? After you have compared your policy to a couple other companies, you will find that there are major savings out there!


Understanding home insurance makes you an educated consumer. Knowledge is Power!

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Ready for a non biased, consumer orientated opinion? You’re in the right place.

understanding home insurance

Every penny counts!

You deserve savings. Money is better in your pocket than in a major insurance companies.

Understanding home insurance

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4 Facts and Tips About Home Insurance:

Understanding Home Insurance

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