Home Warranty Plans: Do I need this? The Simple Truth.

Home Warranty Plans


Home warranty plans are for the wear and tear of appliances, and home systems, like central air conditioning. Typically either a repair or replacement of the product or system is the end result. In certain cases you can receive cash payment for the value of the product or system.


Homeowners insurance protects you from covered perils. Things like:

Wind damage

What happens if furnace kicks the bucket? Home warranty plans save the day.


There are many different options available. There are different plans and levels to choose from. I suggest getting a few different quotes for comparison.

Typical repairs not covered by home insurance:

About TotalProtect

TotalProtect is a nationally based home warranty company offered through Cross Country Home Services, Inc. They have more than 40,000 service providers in there network. The service providers are pre-screened, regularly monitored, graded by TotalProtect, and backed by a 180 day workmanship guarantee. They have been in the home warranty business since 1978 and are based out of Florida.

What to consider before purchasing

The Pros

  • Convenient

    The Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

  • Pre-Existing Systems are covered

    Even if the system or appliance is in the home when you move in it is covered. There is a stipulation stating the system’s and appliances would need to be in working order, properly installed, and maintained.

  • Appliance Buyline Program

    At no additional cost you can gain access to partner websites for special pricing on appliances.

  • Peace of Mind

    Home insurance covers the building structure from natural perils. Home warranty plans cover home systems and appliances. Complete comprehensive coverage.

  • Savings

    Repairs can be costly. According to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend between $165-$507 on average on AC unit repair. The high end being $1,000 and up. With a home warranty plans you are subject to just a deductible.


  • Deductible

    All claims are subject to a deductible.

  • No use of own service provider

    You will be required to use a TotalProtect network provider when you have a claim. You must contact TotalProtect before any repair you intend to make a claim on.


What is NOT covered?

Non-mechanical items, such as, a home’s structure, windows, doors, the roof, HVAC line sets, etc. Systems must be properly maintained and installed for coverage to apply. Check out the sample home service agreement..

How Does a TotalProtect home warranty work?

If something breaks, you can call their toll free number or visit their website. TotalProtect contacts one of their pre-screened contractors, they send a service technician to diagnose and fix.

When does coverage begin?

There is a review period. Usually 30 days.

Can a rental property be covered?

Yes! The owner is still required to call in the claim, not the tenant.

Can I save money by covering multiple properties?

Yes! There are several offers for multiple property discounts.

What out of pocket expenses will there be?

You are subject to paying a deductible. Also if a permit or modification is required you will also be responsible for that.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can either call or send in a written notice. Refunds are subject to your agreement.

Find Out More!

If you are still unsure of home warranty plans, I suggest taking 5 to 10 minutes for a no obligation call. The worst that could happen is you decide a home warranty isn’t right for you.


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