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Multi-Policy Discount

Multi-Policy Discount

Multi-Policy Discount Fact

Retention rates average 95 percent among customers who bundle home and auto policies with the same insurance carrier and 92 percent among those who bundle auto and rental policies. Conversely, retention averages only 83 percent among mono-line auto customers and only 85 percent among policyholders who do not bundle their auto and homeowners insurance.

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What is it?

One of the most impressive discounts you can get through your insurance life is bundling all of your policies together. There are deep discounts for everything to be under the same hood. It is also extremely convenient from a service standpoint. Usually there is some sort of discount no matter what type of policy you are combining. The biggest discounts are usually found by combining auto and home insurance.

Why is it such a great discount?

Insurance companies are not just being generous. They offer these multi-policy discounts because it improves their retention rates. When all the dust settles this is how the major companies stay major. Insurance companies are able to keep their premium increases lower with a larger client base to spread the claim payments through.

Check out what a few of the major companies are saying about multi-policy discounts

Auto and home policies 

When you have both auto and home insurance through Allstate, you can save up to 25% off your auto premiums and up to 35% off your home premiums. If you’re a condo owner or a renter, you can save, too. Talk to an agent to find out about all your multi-policy discount options.


By protecting all of your property with one company, you can save – and help simplify your life. Monthly bills can go to the same place, and you’ll never have to wonder which company to call when filing a claim.


Combine insurance for your car and property to start, then add more policies as needed. You’ll get plenty of discounts for adding cars, motorcycle, boats or more.* See how your home and auto bundle can flex for big life events. Or, start now with a home and auto insurance quote. FYI, you can bundle auto with your home, renters, condo or townhouse.


Plus, by keeping all of your insurance policies in one place, you can manage them easily, all in one place.

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